What is an Icon Font?

We refer to any font that has icons or symbols for its glyphs as an "icon font". These fonts can be used on the web, as well as any other environment that supports using custom fonts. The IcoMoon app lets you generate your own fonts from your own SVGs.

Best Way to Use Icon Fonts

We recommend using icon fonts as a progressive enhancement, for icons with corresponding Unicode characters. This way, even if there is a problem with loading of the font, the system font will still show the characters. In other words, it's best to use icon fonts as "emoji" fonts, for customizing default emojis.

This website itself uses an icon font in this way. As an example, see the pricing page. The lock, checkmark, and info icons in that page are actually emojis with a custom font.

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Try copying the line above. Assistive technologies like screen readers would handle these icons properly as well.