This website itself is a good example of how icon fonts can be used in web. All the icons used here, and on the IcoMoon App are font glyphs. You can see a few more examples of icon fonts on this page.


Font icons are vector & scalable and a great solution for high PPI displays.


The following is a loading icon. Webkit browsers would show a spinner, which uses CSS3 animations. Other browsers fallback to an hourglass icon. More…

Loading Wheel

100% Accessible

The following link and every other icon used in this website is compatible with screen readers. Try it for yourself or click the link below to watch a video demo.

Video Demo

Optimized & Fast

Using the IcoMoon App, you can select only the icons that you actually need and load them with one HTTP request.

Dual Tone Icons

IcoMoon was first to introduce dual tone font icons. This feature is unique to IcoMoon's Ultimate pack.

Any Effect

Use any CSS effect you wish. Icon fonts are vector font glyphs. You could apply any CSS effect that can be applied to text.