Lindua is an icon pack with a unique style. Each vector icon was crafted on a 24px grid, using two different line thicknesses: 1px & 2px. Adhering to this restriction adds to the consistency of this icon set.

* Prices get raised over time. You will receive all future updates for free. There are no additional fees.

Before making your purchase, you may optionally register for an account. By doing so, your icon pack will automatically get attached to your account and you will be able to access the icons via IcoMoon's Library.

  • 1500+ Vector Icons
  • Free icon pack updates
  • Vector Formats: SVG, Ai, PSD, PDF
  • Photoshop Shapes (CSH)
  • PNGs in 24px, 48px, 72px and 96px
  • Icon Font & SVG sprites via IcoMoon app
  • Desktop font with ligatures
  • 14 Day Refund Policy
  • Friendly License

Handcrafted on a 24 × 24 Grid

Lindua incorporates a common grid size: 24 by 24. All the lines and curves were carefully placed within the boundaries of this grid, resulting in crisp and pixel perfect icons at 24px and its multiples: 48px, 72px, etc.

Ligature Font

Type "pencil" to get a pencil icon. Lindua comes with a desktop font equipped with thousands of ligatures. This font can be installed and used in Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Word, etc. to easily insert icons into your projects.

No Free Version!

Yes, that's a feature. Lindua is a premium icon pack that is exclusively available for purchase on this page, for those who appreciate its high quality. If you are looking for a unique icon pack that's not been used everywhere, Lindua will help you stand out.

Tags and 33 Categories

To help with searching and finding icons, multiple tags have been assigned to each icon. Using the IcoMoon app you can easily search and export the icons. In addition to that, Lindua's icons are organized into 33 categories.

24px Preview

Friendly License

  • Use Lindua in both commercial and non-commercial projects
  • Modify the icons as you wish
  • 14 day refund policy
  • 10 designers/developers per license
  • You don’t need an extra license for new projects
  • No additional fees for future updates

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