IcoMoon App


Custom Fonts & Ligatures

Choose only the icons you need to make optimized icon fonts. You can even assign multiple ligatures to your glyphs. Generated fonts can be used on the web or installed on your system.

Icon Fonts Done Right

Unlike other icon font services, the icon fonts that are generated using the IcoMoon app look crisp, and the font-size you specify will directly translate to the size of the icon.

5500+ Free Icons

IcoMoon's library features many high quality icon sets. All of these icons are designed on a grid and they are optimized to be used with the IcoMoon app.

With Privacy In Mind

Almost everything you do inside the IcoMoon app happens locally. For example, when you import an SVG image/font or generate a font, everything happens in your browser and your SVG won't get uploaded to our servers, unless you choose to use our hosting or paid services for auto-saving of projects in your account.

Inline SVGs & More

Using the SVG & More tab in the IcoMoon app, you can export your icons in SVG, Polymer, PDF, XAML, CSH, PNG and more. IcoMoon generates inline SVGs that can be used with the <use> tag.

Import Your Own Vectors

Using this app you can import your own vectors (SVG). Importing happens locally, inside your own browser. Some basic editing options such as moving, mirroring and rotating are available too.

It's Free!

The IcoMoon app is free to use. Code files (HTML, CSS, JS) generated by IcoMoon are MIT licensed. The license for each icon pack is listed in the library tab of the app.

Works Offline!

Once loaded, the IcoMoon app works offline. You could load the Generate Font/SVG pages and then turn off your internet connection to import your icons and generate icon packs.